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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Biography of Everett Lafayette Storey

Genius. That was how Albert Einstein referred to him. In fact, that genius is Everett Lafayette Storey, inventor of the technology used to develop the triggering mechanism enabling the Hydrogen Bomb to exist. Storey was a physical chemist, microbiologist, publisher and author. And while Storey has been credited with many discoveries, his favorite achievement was designing a substance to heal the body and restore the environment, i.e. CELLFOOD .
Storey was an expert in the little-known uses of Deuterium, the only non-radioactive isotope of Hydrogen, DI-Polar DI-Base technology, as well as heavy water and atomic binding-force technology. From this, he created CELLFOOD (Deutrosulfazyme), a product he claimed was the key to any disease treatment in the world. Everett L. Storey's formula has the unique ability to dissociate the water molecule into nascent Hydrogen and nascent Oxygen. This splitting of the water molecule results in the release of nascent Hydrogen and Oxygen gases simultaneously in a chain reaction that only involves about one five-hundred thousandth of the available moisture in the body at one time. This results in an additional source of Oxygen.
In 1985, the United States Congress passed the DEUTERIUM FREEDOM ACT of 1985, in which Storey was recognized for his amazing work and the development of CELLFOOD. Line 25 of the ACT states, “because of Deuterium's facility to speed up the digestive process, it will aid in patients getting ‘more mileage' out of the food they consume, and at the same time, reduce the toxicity in the blood stream. Deutrosulfazyme is a systemic normalizer. No wonder it is called Liquid for Life as well as CELLFOOD.
In 1995, CELLFOOD was classified as a nutritional supplement and not as a drug or patented medicine.
Deutrel Industries continues Everett Storey's personal quest and purpose in providing "advanced nutrition" affordably to the world.
• Physical chemist, microbiologist, author, humanitarian. Invented Hydrogen Bomb in 1942, Albert Einstein called him a ‘Genius'.
• Worked on the Manhattan Project. Due to the high exposure to radiation, he lost about 30 kg in weight.
• The US government allotted 50 million for more than 30 years of research on CELLFOOD.
• 1956, made potable water for the US military.
• 1978, CELLFOOD was assigned #FDA 2020872 with #NDC 4935502.
• 1985, the American Government passed the “Deuterium Freedom Act of 1985”.
• 1997, received Advanced Technology Award from International Hall of Fame.
Everett Lafayette Storey (September 6, 1914 - August 3, 1988)
Who's Who in the World ? Marquis/Chicago 1978-1979 Edition from page 896
STOREY, EVERETT LAFAYETTE, Publisher; b. Colorado Springs, Colorado., Sept. 6, 1914; son of Walter Fletcher and Lois (DeLay) S.:ed. University of Chicago, 1932-36. Editor, Donnelley Advertiser, R.H. Donnelly Corp., Chicago, 1939-46; Owner, Canterbury Advertising Counselors, Chicago, N.Y.C., 1946-47; Founder, Publisher, West Magazine Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada. 1956-P; Founder; Deutrel Labs., Santa Paula, California., 1965; Controlling Partner, 1966; President, Desert Reclamation Corp., Las Vegas, 1957-P; Executive Secretary, Long Beach Jr. Football League, 1947-49; Executive Director, American Medical Research Society, 1959-63; Co-founder, Shrimp Bowl, Chicago, 1948; Chairman, San Miguel Automated U. Study Group, Ventura California; Founder, Head Coach, Academy of American Football, Santa Paula, California; Chairman, Youth for Green, Illinois, 1942-46; Chairman, Republicans for Cannon, Nevada, 1958; Recipient of Community Service Award, Marshall Field, 1947; Member of Sigma Chi. Club: Southtown Speakers (Founder Chicago, 1938). Author: Getting Down to Fundamentals, 1943; Patentee fusion trigger mechanism; perfected deuteron process of soil normalization, 1960.

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